Expiration / renewals

If your account expires or you are looking to renew MAKE SURE YOU PAY THE INVOICE

If you do not pay the invoice a new account will be created thus meaning you will have an new username and password which will be auto-generated by the system

13th Apr 2020

No Current Close Date-
20% of all new / existing and extensions of subscriptions
If you have a current sub that you would like to extend or renew message an admin or create a ticket first


30th Mar 2020
Current Issues

We are aware of current issues, this is a worldwide issue and is causing issues with all providers. We are working as fast as we can to get everything back up and running, but unfortunately we do not have a time frame yet

19th Sept 2019

If your account is due renewal please make sure you pay the invoice and not create a new account.

IF you have any issues ask via telegram / the chat box / open a ticket

20th Jul 2019
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